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    Recruitment is an art of subtle alchemy, the encounter between a talented individual and a corporate strategy. It requires energy, finesse, careful listening and tenacity. We are proud perfectionists of the executive search process, and deeply committed to fulfilling each assignment to the entire satisfaction of our clients.

    Collaborative personalities

    We are a team of strong personalities focused on identifying other strong personalities. Our diverse backgrounds and histories foster a daring, creative approach to attracting the best talent. We believe that tomorrow’s leaders don’t necessarily fit the mold.
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    In a field that has become increasingly competitive, we move freely across borders and professions to broaden the scope and tap into a wealth of diverse candidates and backgrounds. Throughout the search process, we explore a wide range of geographic zones to support our clients’ international development.


    For thirty years, we’ve been cultivating our status as an independent firm operating in a highly concentrated market. This unique positioning ensures the absence of any conflict of interest as regards our clients. Our entrepreneurial DNA has instilled us with an enterprising spirit and enhanced our ability to continually rethink our approach.